Roger Chen, founder and Director of Three Bites Group, began his passionate career in food and beverage from Taiwan to the Canadian west coast and grew from a trainee at a fast-food chain to a successful executive chef and restaurateur.  Roger had gathered vast and valuable experience in envisioning, managing and operating efficient kitchen crews and front-of-house service throughout his cooking journey for over 20 years.

Today, Three Bites Group is a multi-disciplinary company with expertise in restaurant management paired with invaluable connections with food supply chains nationally across Canada and abroad.  We dedicate our efforts to multi-brand management and service innovations within the food and beverage sector, while forming new and powerful partnerships with local and Asian companies in the industry.

Three Bites Group 創始人兼董事長Roger Chen 從臺灣到加拿大西海岸的餐飲業開始了他充滿激情的職業生涯,並從一家速食連鎖店的實習生成長為一名成功的行政總廚和餐廳企業家。Roger在20多年的烹飪生涯中,在構思、管理和運營餐廳前後場方面積累了豐富的經驗。

如今,Three Bites Group 是一家服務多元化的公司,擁有餐廳管理方面的專業知識,並與加拿大國內外的食品供應鏈建立了寶貴的聯系。我們致力於餐飲行業的多品牌管理和服務創新,同時與行業內本地和亞洲的公司建立新的强而有力的合作夥伴關係。