Running a restaurant is an ongoing challenge, and we can help offload your routine burden by streamlining the operation while increasing your profit at any point.

Instead of getting bogged down by mundane routine tasks, restaurateurs should invest efforts in creating new products, maintaining product quality, establishing long term sustainable relationships with customers and vendors while enjoying their personal lives. 

Three Bites Group’s Restaurant Management service is tailored to new and existing food and beverage businesses by providing strategies to help owners overcome routine and acute challenges such as cost control, hiring and training of staff, accounting, marketing and advertising, and so much more.

Our Process 

Our professional teams are ready to step in at any moment to provide seamless services to help our clients reduce their routine effort, streamline their operations while securing a better financial return.

Is your business having trouble keeping customers? Are you getting tired of the decades’ old storefront? Our business optimization program can help refresh your menu, rework on store presentation, and rejuvenate your brand to improve reputation, increase customers, and most importantly, improve profit!

Business Optimization

  • Business Analysis 
  • Market Orientation 
  • Store and Brand Image Improvement 
  • Reorganized Business Model
  • Operations Optimization

Business Management

  • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll Management 
    • Tax Filing
  • Operation Management
  • Hiring & Training 
  • Marketing Promotions