Looking to expand your business or invest in an overseas franchise? We have just the perfect solution for you!

Our franchising service provides strategies to help restaurant and café owners expand their businesses to increase profit without heavy financial burdens. Services include suggestions and guidelines to establish local or international franchise programs, coordinate franchise networks, setup of franchise stores, and ongoing management of franchise networks.  

Are you planning to purchase an international food and beverage brand into Canada? We can help contact and negotiate with the overseas owner or franchiser for you.  Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Our Process

To begin a franchise operation, Three Bites Group will start with consultation and then propose a customized franchising program according to the client’s target and their unique business possibilities.  With the client’s confirmation of the proposed franchise system and our services, we will move on to incorporate the franchise company in Canada and devise plans to proceed onto the coming stages.

One-time and ongoing processes include

  • Franchise Program Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Budget Control
  • Positioning & Sales Strategy Development
  • Branding & Franchise Store Systems Development
  • Franchise Promotion & Sales
  • Set up Franchise Stores
  • Arrange Store Opening
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Franchise Operation Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Franchise Accounting