Hotpot Palace 御庭-精緻鍋物, 2017 - present

Hotpot Palace is an upscale hotpot restaurant that offers premium ingredients and broths inspired by the authentic cuisines from Taiwan, China, Japan, and other parts of Southeast Asia for all hotpot enthusiasts. Chefs at Hotpot Palace handpick only the highest quality ingredients daily from fresh imported seafood, fine premium meats, to seasonal organic vegetables.  A wide global collection of wines and spirits and classic Japanese Izakaya appetizers are available to complement a memorable hotpot meal.



JENJUDAN CANADA (Franchise) 珍煮丹, 2019 - present

Jenjudan is the first bubble tea pioneer who created brown sugar bubble teas using only natural ingredients from Taiwan over a decade ago.  Their proud creation: “Brown Sugar Pearl Milk” is made famous and imitated by others all over the world. Jenjudan initiated its national franchise in 2016 and beginning in 2019 the franchise expansion reached internationally including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Canada. Three Bites Group has been the major partner for Jenjudan’s North American franchise operation, and had helped the brand open 5 stores in Greater Vancouver successfully in 2019.  The North America franchise network is continuing to expand and plans have been made to open more retail stores in the Canadian east coast and USA.

十年前,珍煮丹是第一位用臺灣天然原料製作紅糖泡茶的泡茶先驅。他們引以為豪的創作:“紅糖珍珠奶”名揚四海,為世人所模仿。珍煮丹於2016年開始其全國性的特許經營,從2019年開始,特許經營權擴展到國際,包括日本、韓國、新加坡、香港、澳門和加拿大。Three Bites Group一直是珍煮丹北美特許經營的主要合作夥伴,並在2019年幫助該品牌在大溫哥華成功開設了5家門店。北美特許經營網絡正在繼續擴大,並計畫在加拿大東海岸和美國開設更多的門店。


Yin·Dessert隱茶, 2023 - Present

Yin·Dessert, a pioneer in Chinese Fine Dining Dessert, combines Chinese ingredients with Western culinary artistry to create a TastingMenu that delights your senses. With six exquisite desserts, each paired with tradition-al teas, we pay tribute to the seasons and ingredients. Yet, our aim is to take you on an
exceptional journey where desserts and tea harmonize.

Three Bites Group played an active role in the creation, market promotion, and operational development of Yin.Dessert's dessert menu,contributing significantly to the establish-ment of a fresh paradigm for Chinese Fine Dining Dessert.

Yin.Dessert,隱茶的升華之作,開創新中式Fine Dining Dessert的先河。我們從中華食材中汲取靈感, 融合西方烹飪藝術,為您呈現一場色香味俱佳的Tast-ing Menu盛宴。六款甜點,每一款都搭配精選的傳統茶飲,每一口都是對季節與食材的致敬。然而,我們的

Three Bites Group積極參與了Yin. Dessert甜點菜單的創建、市場推廣以及營運建設,使之成為中式Fine Dining Dessert嶄新典範的過程中貢獻良多。

Café Lounge at Flow Thai Massage & Spa, 2019 - present

FLOW is a premium Spa in Vancouver that provides refined professional Thai massage in a peaceful, tranquil, and cozy atmosphere. FLOW’s café lounge occupies a spacious area with an open kitchen and comfortable seating for guests to enjoy beverages and light snacks before or after treatment.  Staff at the café lounge also prepares hot herbal teas and fruit teas for guests while having treatment.

FLOW是溫哥華的一家高級養生館,在寧靜舒適的氛圍中提供精緻的專業泰式按摩。FLOW Cafe Lounge擁有一個寬敞的區域,配有開放式廚房和舒適的座位,供客人在按摩前後享用飲料和小吃。Cafe Lounge 的工作人員還為客人在服務時提供熱草藥茶和水果茶。


Tri-pot – Low carb snack on the go 鼎王滷味, 2010 - 2017

Tri-pot was the first and only authentic Taiwanese “Luwei” specialty store in North America that served traditional stewed snacks re-braised in herbal broth. Aside from the classic Luwei items such as braised meats, fish cakes, and dumplings, Tri-pot had added more varieties including different kinds of tofu products, vegetables, and noodles allowing customers to turn the traditional street snacks into a complete meal. Staff would chop and reheat chosen food items in secret braising broth for added flavour; after which the “Luwei” can be customized for personal taste by mixing additional sauces and condiments. 


Delicious Cuisines 一品怪廚, 2002 - 2018

Delicious Cuisines was created as one of very few authentic Taiwanese restaurants in Greater Vancouver that offers special Taiwanese-Szechuan dishes with a unique twist between the two styles of cooking. Delicious Cuisines had over 100 traditional and newly created items of appetizers, seafood, meats, vegetables, entrees, dim sum, soups, hotpots and desserts that received many commendations and compliments from the community. With changing demographics and customer preferences, the restaurant underwent a successful transformation into JiangHu Taiwanese Pot & Wok Cuisines in 2018.


Zephyr Teahouse Café 飄香, 2007 - 2017

Zephyr Teahouse Café was a contemporary bubble tea café filled with lively music that served lunch, dinner, and late night snacks. Zephyr offered a menu that was expertly prepared by professional chefs with fresh ingredients.  Many items were highly praised by customers including the infamous Taiwanese beef noodles soup among other food varieties: snacks, stir-fries, hot plate dishes, set meals, soup noodles, and mini hotpots that guests of all ages enjoyed.


Gogo Tea Café 茶饌, 2004 - 2007

Gogo Tea Café was a Taiwanese bubble teahouse infused with the then-famous niche of Japanese maid café where waitresses were dressed in maid costumes.  The novelty of the costumed waitresses generated hype and gave fame to the café at its time. Beyond a variety of bubble teas, Gogo Tea Café also offered an expansive menu that included many Asian and western classics, meal combos, a la carte entrees, rice dishes, noodle bowls, pastas, and desserts.